Journalist, Youth Worker & Rapper

I’m a youth worker, journalist and rapper who was born, raised and remains in East London. Growing up in Hackney, a borough which up until recent gentrification was considered avoidable and undesirable, I saw first-hand the negative consequences of deprivation and inequality of opportunity.

By either divine intervention, random selection or some fortunate combination of both, I managed to escape this limiting background, progressing to Sociology at LSE before a Masters in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths. This social and biographical context has caused me to become devoted to understanding the causes of issues like the criminalisation of young people and educational disadvantage, as well as acting to resolve them. I endeavour to do this through a combination of mediums including:

Youth Work 

I work as a Youth Worker in a hospital setting, engaging with young people who have been stabbed, shot or seriously violently assaulted. Apart from establishing whether young people feel safe to be discharged home, for example, and assisting them to be rehoused if necessary, I also assist with education, training and employment opportunities, and attitude reformation.


I write and produce media for a range of national media outlets. The aim of my journalism is to challenge problematic conceptions and develop progressive thinking about issues of social justice, and to draw attention to these issues that then translate into action.

For example, I have written for The Guardian about the death of Rashan Charles after being subject to violence by the police, the vilification of protest, & pessimism about IPCC investigations, produced a short documentary about crime induced trauma for BBC3, and have spoken on BBC Radio 4 about the human consequences of inequality.

Rap Music 

The young people about whom I am most concerned are less likely to read an article I write than to listen to a rap song on Youtube. Rap is therefore an indispensable tool through which idea can be translated and constructive thought can be provoked. I use music to make the concepts about which I write elsewhere more accessible to the masses, so as to ensure that those most affected by social issues do not remain excluded from the conversations about them.

My activities have included running rap workshops in schools such as St. Gabriel’s College in South London, and performing at events like TEDx.

I am available for journalistic commissions, talks and panel events, and school visits. If you have an idea for a project, feel free to be in touch.