‘Things I Can’t Unsee’

Client: BBC3
Date: 25 February 2016
Role: Visual Content Producer


‘It’s only now in my adulthood that I realise that the things we experienced and accepted as facts of life aren’t normal.’

As part of a video series dedicated to exploring content curated by/issues pertaining to ethnic minority demographics, BBC3 asked me to contribute an idea for a visual piece. As an issue that was prevalent in my mind both due to my personal experiences and that of others in my vicinity, I immediately suggested exploring the issue of crime-induced trauma. I would expand these thoughts more explicitly and expansively in an accompanying written piece and again later in a spoken piece on BBC Radio 4.

The short explores how the intersection of race and class as spheres of oppression and modes of existence produces differential social experiences.

As is often the case, the initial catalyst of these thoughts came through my housing estate: I became conscious that the crime that my peers and I had witnessed and had to some degree become desensitised to were quite alien to those from more fortunate backgrounds. I reflected on how this disproportionality remained/became even more pronounced even in a more ethnically diverse, increasingly gentrified and aesthetically improved borough. Finally, I considered what all of this meant in the context of mental health – many young people suffer from mental health issues without ever being diagnosed or receiving appropriate treatment. This is especially true for those from BME backgrounds who fare worse in mental health services.